piątek, 22 marca 2013


I made the music video for Alphabets Heaven for the song called "Birthday"

Alphabets Heaven - Birthday from diplodok493 on Vimeo.

Here are some early projects and drawings and also some funny frames and screen shots from making it:

środa, 20 lutego 2013


Some shit i should post many weeks ago

and some lame webcam photos of zines i'm in (mentioned in my previous post)
they are awesome, buy them people

 Happiness #3

Gang Bang Bong #3

(the cover by Paul Paetzel, oh!)

Amenita #2

sobota, 12 stycznia 2013


Some hot naked girls (new and old ones i found on my computer)


You can find my short comics in awesome cool zines:

Amenità #2 
Gang Bang Bong #3
Happiness #3


środa, 5 września 2012


some new stuff i did last days/weeks/months
wow i see some people outside Poland started to follow this blog so maybe i should start to write in english??
btw thanx everyone for watching me although i'm so lazy and I haven't updated this blog for ages



And this set is called SUMMER: